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My name is Ray and I am currently living in New Orleans. I created MoreThanThis.org because there were no websites dedicated to Jackopierce or Cary Pierce and their music; a seemingly non-existent fan base online. Pretty sad for those of us who enjoy the music and can relate to the music. The name for the website came from one of my favorite JACKOPIERCE songs . . . "More Than This" which is a great autobiographical song of my late college years.

I love music; it's a passion for me and I have been extremely blessed being exposed to alot of great music over the years. I've had alot of musical influences ranging from Cat Stevens and Jim Croce, to Jackopierce / Cary Pierce and Counting Crows as well as many others including Vertical Horizon, Rockwell Church, Guster, Edwin McCain, Béla Fleck & the Flecktones, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Tonic, & Jars of Clay.

Thanks for reading this [probably] pointless page "about me." (I wonder if anyone really reads these things???). Anyway, if you feel like compelled be sure to check out my Wishlist, and if you feel even more compelled buy something off of my wishlist or even help me out by donating to support the MoreThanThis.org website. More information about Donating can be found at the Website Info page.

Below is a list of my top 5 albums, bands, & songs (in no particular order) and then a list of Concerts that I've been to including setlists, pictures, & reviews. If you have any questions you can email me.

    Top 5 Albums
  1. There and Back Again - Vertical Horizon
  3. Live Stages - Vertical Horizon
  4. Outbound - Béla Fleck & the Flecktones
  5. The Austin Sessions - Edwin McCain
    Top 5 Bands/Musicians
  1. JACKOPIERCE/Cary Pierce
  2. Vertical Horizon
  3. Guster
  4. Béla Fleck & the Flecktones
  5. Counting Crows / Edwin McCain (tie)
    Top 5 Songs
  1. "Vineyard" - JACKOPIERCE
  2. "Great Divide" - Vertical Horizon
  3. "Sunrays and Saturdays" - Vertical Horizon
    & "My Time" - JACKOPIERCE (tie)
  4. "All For You" - Sister Hazel
  5. "World's Apart" - Jars of Clay

Concert Experiences

Band: Cowboy Mouth
Date: October 28, 1997
Venue: Howard Auditorium; Ruston, LA
Opening Artist/Band: Howard Shaft
Misc: Ticketstub
Comments: My very first concert in college at Louisiana Tech University. The opening act was "Howard Shaft" (sadly now defunct); great funk band with 2 trombone players, saxophone, trumpet, guitar, drums, and bass player (I was actually in the Marching Band with the lead singer/trombone player Adam). Anyway, Paul Sanchez (of Cowboy Mouth) did a couple of solo songs before Cowboy Mouth finally took the stage. Great concert. As many times Cowboy Mouth had come down to Lafayette to play, this was my first time seeing them perform. Fred stole the show with his drumming, energy, and funny character. Great show.

Band: Cherry Poppin' Daddies
Date: November ??, 1998
Venue: House of Blues; New Orleans, LA
Opening Artist/Band: Ozomatli & The Pie Tasters
Comments: From the Zoot Suit Riot '98 Tour. I went with Jason Mitchell, Jason Cucchiara, & Chad Schexnyder. We were twenty feet from the stage for the entire concert. Ozomatli was a great opening band. Never heard a band quite like them before; different style. Kind of like the mexican/jamacian rock style. Very nice. They actually opened their performance from the bar, going into the crowd, and playing right up onto the stage. Very cool. The Pie Tasters were horrible; very bad. Now, the Cherry Poppin' Daddies were good. It was around the time when Swing was coming back "into style" so to speak. The lead singer, Steve Perry, did not do a lot of talking in-between songs, they were just there to play music.

Band: Goo Goo Dolls
Date: April 23, 1999
Venue: Thomas Assembly Center ("TAC"); Ruston, LA
Opening Artist/Band: Squint
Misc.: Ticketstub
Comments: From the Dizzy Up The Girl '99 Tour. I went with Beth Bentley (my girlfriend at the time), her sister Michelle, and some of Michelle's friends. This concert was at the height of their song "Iris"; which went #1 on the Pop charts the week before the concert! Great show. The opening band Squint was horrible. The Goo Goo Dolls however, put on an excellent show. They played all their hit songs from "Naked" to "Long Way Down" to some of their new stuff "Slide" & "Black Ballon". For the encore they played "Iris" acoustic. Great show.

Band: Tonic
Date: January 12, 2000
Venue The Tonk; Louisiana Tech University
Opening Artist/Band: The Billionaires
Misc.: Setlist
Pics: After the show with Tonic: Emerson Hart (Lead Vocals); Jeff Russo (Lead Guitar); Dan Lavery (Bass); Jeremy (Drummer); & Group Picture
Comments: I got to meet the band before and after the concert. Before the show, my best friend Jason and I were talking with them and Jason told them about his ex-girlfriend was here at the concert tonight and how much the song "You Wanted More" played out their relationship and breakup. We talked to them for a little bit but we didn't think much of it afterwards. But, during the show Emerson stops between songs, looks up at the crowd and says "You know, I need to say this right now. Excuse me, but if you've got someone and their not treating you right . . . Fuck 'em. Let 'em go and kiss their sorry ass goodbye." I looked at Jason and we both started laughing because we both who and what Emerson was talking about. Anyway, meeting the band was awesome, an experience I'll never forget. Emerson, Jeff, Dan, and Jeremy were very cool. It was kind of funny because after the show I was standing by waiting for Tonic to come out and when Emerson saw me, again, he quickly smiled and said "Back Again?" We both laughed. These guys are really concerned with their fan base and actually take time to talk and visit with their fans, which is something you don't really see from other artists. They put on a hell of a show.

Bands: Stroke 9, Vertical Horizon, & Tonic
Date: March 25, 2000
Venue "Bonne Fette" Music Festival; (downtown) Baton Rouge, LA
Pics: Ticketstub
Comments: There were many musical guests there that weekend; but the main performers for the weekend were Stroke 9, Vertical Horizon, & Tonic (being the favorite of the three at the time). I went with my best friend Jason and we meet up with my brother in Baton Rouge. Great show. It was packed and there were tons of people lined up all over. Luckily we had gotten there early and so we were near the front of the stage. All bands played their radio hits of course (Stroke 9 - "Little Black pack", Vertical Horizon - "Everything You Want", & Tonic "You Wanted More"). I don't remember too much about the show, but for only $10 I got see 3 great bands perform (that's a great bargain). Good shows.

Band: Vertical Horizon
Date: November 3, 2000
Venue House of Blues; New Orleans, LA
Opening Artist/Band: Kissinger
Misc.: Setlist
Comments: From the 2000 Everything You Want Tour. I was front row center, right under Matt Scannel's microphone for the entire show. Vertical Horizon put on a rockin' show, it was awesome. They had lots of energy, and the whole crowd was really receptive. After the encore, as they were leaving the stage, VH started shaking their hands with some of the fans in the front rows and signing quick autographs. I looked over at Matt and asked him for his guitar pic and then told him that I was on footprints (the VH fan discussion list). I got a quick smile from him. Once again, Jason came with me to the concert. He told me before the show that he really was not fired up at all about going to the concert, namely because he said that he hears me playing their music all the time. Afterwards, he told me that was the best concert he had ever been to and was quite impressed with their music, energy, and their performance.

Band: Béla Fleck and the Flecktones
Date: April 22, 2001
Venue: Strand Theatre; Shreveport, LA
Opening Artist/Band: None
Misc.: Setlist; Ticketstub
Comments: From the Outbound Tour. EXCELLENT Concert! I went with Tommy Wingo & Jason Mitchell. I wasn't a Béla Fleck fan until after this concert. They played 4 new songs that night! In fact, one of their new songs, Béla introduced one of the new songs entitled "Puffy Is Free", which was in reference to rapper Sean "Puffy" Combs who was found innocent of criminal charges just days prior to the concert. I did not know this but Béla talked about how "Futureman" was born in Shreveport. Very interesting. Anyway, like every other BF&F concert Victor Wooten, Futureman, & Bela Fleck did their solos for the performance (while the other band members where off stage). However, I think Jeff Coffin was the man of the night. His sax solo's during "Big Country", "Earth Jam" & "Throwdown" were incredible! At one point during the show, he picked up both the alto & tenor Saxophone and played it at the same time! I was amazed. Damn great show.

Band: Edwin McCain
Date: Septbember 5, 2001
Venue: The Varsity; Baton Rouge, LA
Opening Artist: Gibb Droll
Misc.: Setlist; Autographed Ticketstub & Guitar Picks
Comments: From the Far From Over tour which he played nearly everything from the new album. I was front row center, right under Edwin McCain's microphone for the entire show. Some drunk guy in the audience kept yelling out to play "3 AM" all night long and finally Edwin acknowledged him and played it for the encore. Funniest thing is that the guy cried after Edwin finished playing it. For the encore Edwin played 5 solo acoustic songs! Afterwards, Jason and I waited for him right outside the band's bus behind the venue. We talked to him for a little bit, he signed our ticketstubs, and I got his guitar pick as well as his lead guitarist Larry Chaney. Great Concert.

Band: Cary Pierce (w/ band)
Date: February 8, 2002
Venue: The Mucky Duck; Houston, TX
Opening Artist: Christopher Williams
Misc.: Setlist
Pics: Me & Cary Pierce
Comments: AWESOME CONCERT! For starters, I have never seen my favorite band JACKOPIERCE in concert before this night, but this was my first time seeing Cary Pierce! Really great concert. It was supposed to be a solo acoustic show turned out to be with the band. Making an appearance was JACKOPIERCE's former drummer, Earl "The Pearl" Darling, playing drums! Hearing "Back Next Year" solo acoustic & "Vineyard" played made the trip all worth it. I went with my two good friends Tommy Wingo & Mitchell Mitchell and we met Sam Kale there (who had the tickets) as well as Jonathon Fletcher (the taper). Afterwards I talked with both Cary & Earl. Cary signed all my CDs and Earl signed his drumstick and gave it to me! I also got to meet the infamous Raymond Garcia who's got some cool (& famous) friends. Very cool night. The Opening Artist--Christopher Williams--had a great opening set and I was really impressed with his guitar playing.

Band: JACKOPIERCE (w/ band)
Date: November 23, 2002
Venue: Gypsy Tea Room; Deep Ellum - Dallas, TX
Opening Artist/Band: Owen Temple
Misc.: Setlist; Ticketstub & Guitar Pics
Comments: As the announcer said, it's been 5 years. I had to pinch myself because I really didn't think that this was happening. And the concert? One word: UNBELIEVABLE! It's been 5 years since JACKOPIERCE called it quits back in December of 1997. Jack & Cary got back together for a reunion "tour". I went with my girlfriend (at the time) Beth Bentley & my best friend Jason Cucchiara. The concert also featured Vertical Horizon backing up JACKOPIERCE (all but Keith Kane was there, who was at home resting up to in preparation for the inevitable new VH tour approaching). During the show, Jack & Cary were feeding off of Matt, Sean, & Ed. On one of the songs, Cary had a guitar solo and in the middle of it he played the opening of Everything You Want. The crowd went wild. Cary introduced Matt as something like "I'm not afraid to admit that I love this man. He's one of my best friends in the whole wide world. And believe me . . . he is everything you want." Again, crowd loved it. I was much impressed with Vertical Horizon. After the show plenty of people were waiting around trying to see Vertical Horizon, but they stayed backstage and didn't come out but stayed away as to give Jack & Cary their "glory" (didn't want to steal their thunder so to speak). Matt told me "this is their night, I don't want to take that away from them." Quite impressed with the guys, shows alot of respect for both Jack & Cary. I got a chance to talk to JACKOPIERCE after the show. I asked them how it felt to be together again for this Homecoming and both said that it feels really great to be back home again seeing alot of old friends and what-not. Overall, probably the best freakin' concert that I've ever been to; one that I'll never forget. Gets an A++++ in my book for concerts.

Band: Béla Fleck & the Flecktones
Date: May 3, 2003
Venue: The Orpheum Theatre; New Orleans, LA
Opening Artist/Band: Particle
Misc.: Ticketstub
Comments: Great concert. I went with two friends of mine Tommy Wingo and Angelle Bellard. Opening band "Particle" was okay but after a while the music sounded all the same. They described their music as "space porn." The Flecktones didn't take the stage until 11:30pm! Not as great as when I first saw them in Shreveport, but still a great concert. Seeing the Flecktones play anytime is great. The concert ended around 2am, which means I didn't make it back home until around 4:15am! I was so exhausted.

Band: James Taylor
Date: May 20, 2003
Venue: The Cajundome; Lafayette, LA
Opening Artist/Band: None
Misc.: Ticketstub
Comments: Great concert. I marked this off of my "Things To Do Before I Die" list. Although this wasn't an official tour promoting his latest studio album [October Road], but "The Best of James Taylor" album had just been released a month previous. I went with Angelle Bellard along with 2 of my coworkers and their spouses (Troy & Karin Olivier and Harry & Dru Patin). Harry had gotten us FREE tickets about 15 yards dead front & center of the stage. What a perfect view. He covered alot of new stuff from the newly release "October Road" as well as classics such as "Sweet Baby James", "Fire & Rain", "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)", & "Carolina In My Mind". James Taylor did make a comment towards the end of the show saying "I've been on a steady diet of crawfish for the past couple of days while I've been here ... you've got a great town here ... thanks sha". And with that cajun "sha" comment everyone in the audience went crazy! Excellent show.

Band: Cary Pierce (solo acoustic)
Date: May 30, 2003
Venue: House of Blues - The Parrish Room; New Orleans, LA
Opening Artist: OLGA
Misc.: Setlist
Pics: Tickets; H.O.B. All Access Pass!; Me, Leah, Cary Pierce, & Jason
Comments: AWESOME CONCERT! Thursday night I got a call from Kathy (Cary's tour manager) and she wanted me to sell Merchandise at the show for Friday night. Sure, why not? I went with my best friend Jason Cucchiara & Leah Hesse. On the way to New Orleans I had a blow-out on my front tire; so we were a little late getting there than we had planned. Opening Artist/Band was OLGA from New Orleans. She was sort-of Norah Jones sexy voice meets Tracy Chapman on guitar w/ a little blues mixed. She opened up at 10:15pm and played a great set. Cary took the stage an hour later and played 'til about 12:45am. Although it was a small venue and the place wasn't "packed" but he still drew a nice crowd. During this whole time we were selling merchandise. We talked to Cary afterwards and hung around visiting with him. Jason, Leah, and I left there around 2am and because we were driving on my "donut" tire it took us quite longer to make it back home ... we rolled in at 5:00am to be exact. Long night but well worth it.

Band: JACKOPIERCE (acoustic duo)
Date: December 7, 2003
Venue: House of Blues - The Parrish Room; New Orleans, LA
Opening Band: Dead Eye Dick
Misc.: Setlist; Ticketstub
Comments: Beautiful concert! It was magical. First thanks to both Cary and the JP tour manager for hooking me up on the guest list. I went with a friend of mine, Carra Maroni. They opened with "My Time" and I had chills listening to that song. Cary give the best intro to "Advent" that I have ever heard. He said that he does not understand people that move from house to house, room to room, and they always have a box in their dresser-drawer with letters and pictures of past lovers ... I've never understood that and so I wrote this song about letting go." WOW. Simply incredible.

Band: JACKOPIERCE (acoustic duo)
Date: July 31, 2004
Venue: House of Blues - Parrish Room; New Orleans, LA
Opening Artist: Kyle Riabko
Misc.: Setlist
Pics: Stephanie, Me, & Cary Pierce; Stephanie, Me & Jack O'Neill
Comments: Simply outstanding concert. This is the best I have seen JACKOPIERCE perform as an acoustic duo. I went with my little brother Greg & my fiancée Stephanie Ayers. The Parrish Room was packed, standing room only in the back and all along the sides. "My Time" was great to hear once again, and "Late Shift" was a great song to hear acoustically. All the old school JACKOPIERCE fans were very fortunate to see Reese Anderson (JP's old equipment tech) & Chuck Keith (JP's old soundboard guy) in attendance as well. At one point Cary broke a string doing one of the songs and Reese Anderson--out of habit I guess--rushed to the side of the stage and quickly started to get another guitar ready. I did get the chance to speak with several old school JACKOPIERCE fans. One couple went to school at SMU with both Cary & Jack and they actually knew the guys really well. The husband was in the same fraternity as Cary, and his wife told me that she was actually forced by her sorority to go to Mimi's every Tuesday night to see JACKOPIERCE play. Simply amazing. I wish I would have gotten that opportunity. All in all, a good time was had by everyone there.

Band: JACKOPIERCE (acoustic duo)
Date: August 13, 2005
Venue: House of Blues - Parrish Room; New Orleans, LA
Opening Band: The Last Saints
Misc.: Setlist; Ticketstub
Pics: Me, Cary Pierce, & Danny; Me, & Jack O'Neill
Comments: JACKOPIERCE just gets better and better every time I see (or listen) to these guys. Wonderful concert. My brother Danny came along with me this time. Everyone there was fortunate enough to hear a brand new song titled "You're Not Around" and an oldie from their very first demo tape (otherwise never recorded) called "Love Vigilantes"!!! Anyway, I am not normally a fan of opening acts, just for the simple reason that I'd rather be listening to the person I paid to play be there. But, I must say The Last Saints was a great acoustic duo. We spoke with the lead singer (Dave) afterwards. Great guys playing acoustic shows at coffee houses and in the what-nots in New Orleans. Well, after some apparent technical difficulties; JACKOPIERCE took the stage some twenty minutes late. During the show some drunk girl got up on stage and started dancing around while they were playing "Trials". Cary later said that he was confused because he could still hear Jack playing his guitar and so those were not Jack's hands touching him. It was not until he realized that drunk girl was right behind them. As always, I talked to Cary & Jack only a couple of minutes afterwards. Hearing Vineyard, Love Vigilantes, and the new song put a smile on my face. Loved the show.

Band: Guster
Date: September 17, 2006
Venue: House of Blues - New Orleans, LA
Opening Artist/Band: Tristan Prettyman
Misc.: Ticketstub
Pics: Tristan Prettyman; Guster
Comments: I went with my wife to the concert, although she was reluctant at first she's now a true Guster fan! The opening act, Tristan Prettyman, took the stage at 8:15 and she was realy good!! She is the female version of John Mayer. "love, love, love" and "always feel this way" were some of the songs that she played that were good. Now, Guster took the stage at about 9:20. They played songs from their past 3 albums; anything older than that they forgot how to play it. For example, by request from a fan, they started to play "Rocketship". They started to, but Adam forgot the lyrics and midway through the song they dropped it. Some song favorites from the night were "Lightning Rod", "Come Downstairs and Say Hello", "Demons", "Airport Song", "Diane", "Satellite" & "Manifest Destiny". What really impressive to me was that Ryan, Adam & Joe played every instrument---they switched instruments each song. They all played bass, acoustic guitar, & the keyboard. Ryan also did what he called the cell phone test & cell phone wave. The cell phone test was a test to see how good a song is; it's measured by the number of cell phones people are holding up to let their friend on the other line hear. For the cell phone wave, Ryan had the House of Blues turn off all the lights and he asked everyone to pull out their cell phones; if he pointed to you then you were to pull out your cell phone. He did this around the house and it was soooo funny. For the final song, Guster came up to the very front of the stage and asked everyone to be quiet while they played "Jesus on the Radio" unplugged acoustic!!!! (See the picture). It was a great way to end the show. I finally saw Guster live!

Band: Billy Joel
Date: March 6, 2007
Venue: New Orleans Arena - New Orleans, LA
Misc.: Ticketstub
Comments: This was a last minute invite from a vendor at work; a couple cancelled on the group and they called us to go instead. It was awesome! We all meet up at a restaurant in downtown New Orleans and walked to the New Orleans Arena. He played NEARLY all of his greatest hits except for "Uptown Girl". Other songs he played where "Allentown", "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant", "Captain Jack", "The Entertainer", "Goodnight Saigon", "My Life", "Only the Good Die Young". Two really great things happened during the show. First, he said his guitar tech has been with him for about 25+ years and every day when they setup for a show, the tech always tests out the sound system with a song and so Billy Joel wanted the tech to come up on stage and sing it live to the audience for the first time. The guitar tech guy came out on stage and sang "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC. It was awesome and the crowd loved it! Secondly, before he began his "New York State of Mind" song, he said how he felt that when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, he felt as though the people of New York (and himself) bonded with us New Orleanians because we both went through a big tragedy together. The crowd roared. It was a great tribute to a fine song. After 2 encores he finally ended with his signature "Piano Man". I went home and downloaded his two greatest hits albums and the "Very Best of Billy Joel" album. Great classic concert right there with James Taylor.

Band: Dave Matthews Tribute Band
Date: October 18, 2007
Venue: Tipitina's Uptown - New Orleans, LA
Misc.: DMTB Group Picture, Lead-Singer/Guitar-Player
Comments: I received a myspace message from the "Dave Matthews Tribute Band" about being in New Orleans on Thursday night @ Tipitina's. I had no clue a tribute band like this even existed. I checked my schedule @ work and I called my brother Greg and off we went. I was really impressed with the band and really enjoyed the music. Even though I am a big Dave Matthews Band fan ... I have never been to one of their concerts. This was nearly just like it, ... but without the big ticket price and being out in the nose-bleed seating sections. During the performance I was also fascinated by the guitar player's hands being all over that guitar. They played nearly all of DMB's greatest hits: "#41", "Lie In Our Graves", "Grey Street", "Louisiana Bayou", "Ants Marching" and the new song "#27". Really great concert and I would like to go and see them again or even DMB for once.

Band: Edwin McCain
Date: December 8, 2007
Venue: "Fall Music Fesitval" Vanderbilt High School Baseball Field, Houma, LA
Opening Artist/Band: Civil Twilight & Steve Williams Band
Misc.: Setlist
Pics: Edwin McCain, Larry Chaney, Edwin McCain, & Craig Shields, Edwin McCain and Steve Williams Band together
Comments: I went with my wife to this concert. The first opening band "Civil Twilight" was a really great alternative rock band; they reminded me of a mix between "Coldplay", "U2", & "Live". Good music. "Civil Twilight" closed with Led Zeppelin's "The Immigrant's Song". Afterwards, the Steve Williams Band played alot of cover songs with a few of their originals. Then Edwin McCain took the stage with Larry Chaney & Craig Shields joining the Steve Williams Band. They opened up with a rockin' "Anything Good About Me" and then played favorites like "I'll Be" & "I Could Not Ask For More". I especially loved hearing "Maggie May". Great concert, just wish it would have been longer.

Band: Dave Matthews Band
Date: September 9, 2010
Venue: NFL Kickoff Special, Jackson Square - New Orleans, LA
Opening Artist: Taylor Swift
Misc.: Setlist
Pics: Taylor Swift, Dave Matthews Band
Comments: I went with my brother Greg and some of his friends. This was the NBC NFL opening Kickoff special and the only way one could acquire tickets was if you were a DMB Warehouse member and you also had to request free tickets through the sponsor of the event. We stood in line which started on the Riverfront and made our way to a roped off Jackson Square. This 'kickoff' was complete with a New Orleans mardi gras parade floats; each float had a famous celebrity or famous ex-Saint on the float: Pat Swilling, Joe Horn, Deuce McAllister, Chef John Besh, and Chef Paul Prudhomme. The concert was great especially the closing "Burning Down the House" when Trombone Shorty walked out on stage along with the Mardi Gras Indians on stage (this was cut out from the TV). The energy was amazing. Although it wasn't a typical DMB show, it was free! GREAT concert.

Band: Gin Blossoms
Date: October 30, 2011
Venue: Nicholls State University; Thibodaux, LA
Opening Artist/Band: Owen Plant
Misc.: Setlist
Pics: Concert Poster, Sign, The band on stage, Lead Singer Robin Wilson, Robin and Jesse
Comments: I went with my wife to this concert. A free concert put on by Coastal Commerce Bank! Gin Blossoms took the stage about 7:30pm after opener Owen Plant. The Gin Blossoms were great, especially Robin Wilson who was a croud pleaser passing out 2 tambourines to the girls in the crowd for the entire show. The band didn't disappoint either ... they played all their "hits": opening with "Follow You Down", "Until I Hear it From You", and closing encore "Hey Jealousy" notably with a new songs from their latest 2 albums. Great concert.

Band: Sister Hazel
Date: April 13, 2016
Venue: The Varsity Theatre; Baton Rouge, LA
Opening Artist/Band: Brad Rey and Christian Lopez Band
Misc.: Setlist
Pics: Ticketstub, Full Band Acoustic, The band on stage, Lead Singer Ken, and Sister Hazel
Comments: I was able to meet Sister Hazel before the show ('VIP Experience') and got to visit with them; really geniune guys. They played 3 or 4 songs full band unplugged several hours before the concert was to start. We received a swag bag, took a picture with the group, and then got to visit with SH. We asked Ken what was his favorite song. He said that he could not believe that he wrote "Champagne High"; he considers that his greatest accomplishment. The most autobiographical tune was "Change Your Mind" which was about how he overcame his addictions and was able to focus on what's right. I love hearing what's behind the music. Now on to the rock concert... In general I'm not a big fan of opener bands, but the Christian Lopez Band was awesome! They put on a rocking show: lots of energy and good music. Then Sister Hazel took the stage. They played some of their greatest hits along with several cover songs and new tunes from the new album Ten Candle Days. The guys of Sister Hazel really like to play together ... just a good group of friends that have stuck around for so long and they're enjoying what they do. Great concert.

Band: Dave Matthews Band
Date: July 29, 2018
Venue: The Wharf Amphitheater; Orange Beach, AL
Misc.: Setlist
Pics: Poster, The Wharf venue, DMB
Comments: FIRST official DMB concert! Can't believe it took this long to attend one. I went with my wife and 2 good friends Trey & Laura. The venue was perfect. I was surprised to hear some of my favorites "Stay or Leave", "You Might Die Trying", and a bad ace "Ants Marching"!! They also played some songs from the new album "Come Tomorrow": "Again and Again", "Can't Stop", and an awesome solo acoustic "Here On Out". For 3 hours DMB rocked! A+++ show! Trey had a friend that knew Dave Matthews and was supposed to meet up with him afterwards, but we didn't get a chance to go (maybe next time).

Band: Edwin McCain
Date: September 14,, 2018
Venue: Venue 182; Raceland, LA
Misc.: Setlist
Pics: Edwin McCain, Edwin and band picture
Comments: I went with my wife to the Edwin McCain concert. We were somewhat reluctant to go because of the location and venue, but all in all it was a great intimate show. He played alot of his greatest hits and still sounds great after all these years. Not the biggest crowd there but he did pack it full towards the end. GREAT show!

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