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A. PURPOSE was created because there were no websites dedicated to JACKOPIERCE or Cary Pierce and their music; a seemingly non-existant fanbase online. For those people who may have heard of the name but never heard the music, this is for you. For those people who have been there since the early beginnings of JACKOPIERCE, this is for you. For those avid JACKOPIERCE, Cary Pierce, Jack O'Neill fans, this is for you.

The purpose of is to bring all *Pierce fans together (*Pierce = Cary Pierce, JACKOPIERCE, American Horse, & Jack O'Neil). This website will be a community for the means of news updates, concert reviews, live tape/cd-r trading, pictures, & other articles of interest for all to view and access. Since this is a community for *Pierce fans, input is invited and greatly appreciated.

1. Unless otherwise stated, Nearly all pictures or graphics appear courtesy of Raymond Garcia, Cary Pierce, & JACKOPIERCE. In no way do I claim rights to these pictures. Please respect the rights of the musicians and other fans.

2. The information used and posted on this website is intended for INDIVIDUAL USE ONLY! Please DO NOT COPY OR REPRODUCE any information, images or pictures off of the website and use it for another website; unless you have the written consent of myself!!! Please respect this.

1. This website was born on March 27, 2003. The name for the website came from one of my favorite JACKOPIERCE songs ... "More Than This". Originally, it existed for many years as ". : the great divide : . " where until finally it settled here. The original name came from a Vertical Horizon song called "Great Divide".

1. This website cannot function without the support of all JACKOPIERCE & Cary Pierce fans, otherwise I would be building/creating/maintaining this website just for myself. Please consider making a donation to help keep up my yearly costs of maintaining this website. If you can do so, please help out by clicking one of the the icons below.

This page will be continuously updated as new issues arrise.

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