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"Thank goodness for women or I would have nothing to write about."
- Cary Pierce (4/30/2004)

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1 - "You Are Here" - Release Date: February 11, 2000
Cary's first solo album. Hidden in the linear notes; the album is dedicated to Eddie Schager (1971-1999). Cary has said that a lot of the songs on the new album "deal with life on the road and the longing for change." Album also features Lisa Loeb on "Home". Track 4 ("Tower") was released on the Aware 6 Compilation. The Tracklist:
You Are Here
  1. The Best Thing
  2. All Quiet
  3. Greatest Thing In The World
  4. Tower
  5. TransAtlantic
  6. She's For Free
  7. Home
  8. Given The Time
  9. You're Mine Tonight
  10. King Of The World
  11. She's Gone, Move On
  12. (She's) Over Me
Track #1, 11, 12 Produced and recroded by Tim Patalan
Track #4 Produced and recorded by Justin Niebank
Track #7 Produced by Gregg Wattenberg, recorded by Nick Raskulinecz
All other tracks produced and recorded by John Fields
Mastered by Chuch Zwicky
Label: AWARE Records
Management: Gregg Latterman and Mark Cunningham (AWARE)
Cover Photo by James Bland Photo
Flying Photo by L. Rainey

2 - "foreverything vol. 1" - Release Date: November 18, 2000
This 6 track album was a collection of home demos that he recorded at his home. And again, hidden in the linear notes, the album is dedicated "to Jim Chippendale for pulling through and inspiring us all." The songs were the demos he recorded prior to the "You Are Here" album. Cary & fans liked them so much he decided to record another album (foreverything vol.1). The Tracklist:

foreverything vol.1
  1. Time To Time
  2. Speed
  3. Absence Of Love
  4. You've Got A Lover
  5. Miracle
  6. She's Gone, Move On (Live)
All Tracks produced by Cary Pierce
Track # 4 Produced by Kevin Afflack
Mixed and Mastered by Chucky Zwicky, Minneapolis
Label: foreverything records Management: Gregg Latterman and Mark Cunningham (AWARE)
Track #2 live rain was recorded on October 15, 2000 in
the M streets of Dallas, TX
Track #6 recorded live at the Gypsy Tea Room in Deep Ellum, TX on August 23, 2000
Black & White photos by S. Rainey
Graphic Design by Cary Pierce

3 - "I Believe In America" - Release Date: October 30, 2001
This album was a A tribute CD to the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Towers. Recorded two days, over two All proceeds of the album went to the American Red Cross, 100%. The track "I Believe in America" was co-written with Graham Colton and it features several local Texas artists who lent their vocals and talent on the album. The linear notes state "this song is dedicated in loving memory to all those who were lost on September 11, 2001." The Tracklist:

I Believe in America
  1. I Believe In America
  2. All Quiet
  3. Tower
  4. Home
Produced by Cary Pierce
Executive Producer: Tech Huffman
Recorded and Mixed by Kent Stump at Crystal Clear Sound in Dallas, TX
Recorded: September 17 & 18th
Photos by Raymond Garcia & James Bland Photo
George Anderson: Bass
Mitch Marine: Drums, Percussion
Drew Nichols: Electric Guitars
Turtle: Backing Vocals
Backing Vocals (choir): Graham Colton, Raymond Garcia, Damion Giglio, Genny Esping Kirtland, John Kirtland, Lindsay Lawler, Robi Menace, Andres Montejo, Drew Nichols, Audra Pollard, Kathy Price, Jay Quinn, Taylor Tatsch, Tech, Turtle, & UP-TIGHT.
Photos by Raymond Garcia

4 - "foreverything vol. 2" - Release Date: June 4, 2002
This is a collection of home studio demos, new songs, instrumentals, co-writes, and covers. The CD features several new songs including "One More Day" & "Won't Stand in Your Way"; 2 instrumentals "Stanley's" (featuring Matt Scannell of Vertical Horizon) & "Bridges"; co-writes with Graham Colton, Jenny Esping, & John Price. The Tracklist:

foreverything vol.2
  1. One More Day
  2. Won't Stand In Your Way
  3. Stanley's (featuring Matt Scannell of Vertical Horizon)
  4. The Way We Were
  5. Bridges
  6. Take It Away
  7. Without The Problems
  8. Other Things In Life
  9. Lay My Worries Down
  10. You Can Change
  11. No Problem At All (featuring John Price)
  12. Let It Go (featuring Jenny Esping)
  13. Best Thing In My Life (featuring Graham Colton)
Produced by Cary Pierce
Graphic Design by Cary Pierce
Art Direction by Robert Greeson
Photos by Stephen Karlisch, Jim Herckt, & Raymond Garcia
Mastered by Rob Wechsler

5 - "Live at Schubas" - Release Date: September 24, 2002
Album features 18 solo-acoustic songs, three new songs, stories and all the depth, heart and humor you'd expect from Cary's awesome first full-length live recording. The two new songs are "Full 365" which he co-wrote with Sean Hurly of Vertical Horizon, "I Believe In You" which he recorded at home. "When the Stars Go Blue" a Ryan Adams cover song which Sarah Donalson lends her talent on cello. The Tracklist:

Live at Schubas
  1. Get To Know Me Better
  2. Absence Of Love
  3. Valencia
  4. Advent
  5. Three Of Us In A Boat
  6. Time To Time
  7. Speed
  8. Home
  9. Jacob
  10. I'm Not Ready
  11. When The Stars Go Blue
  12. She's For Free
  13. Full 365
  14. Trials
  15. Best Thing
  16. Vineyard
  17. Sweet Ocean
  18. I Believe In You
Produced by Cary Pierce
Label: DCN & foreverything records
Executive Producer: Usher Winslett & Brad Navin
Project Manager: Craig Finn
Mixing, Editing, & Mastering: Alex Kokollo
Schubas Sound Engineer: Paul Manno
Gypsy Tea Room Sound Engineer: Tommy Debeaudry
Tour Manager: Kathy Price
Sarah Donadlson: Cello on Track #7 & #11
Photos by Jim Herckt, Raymond Garcia, & Jan Eckhard
All tracks recorded live at Schubas Tavern, Chicago, IL July 12, 2002; except "Speed" & "When The Stars Go Blue," recorded at Gypsy Tea Room, Dallas, TX July 16, 2002 and "I Believe In You" recorded at Cary's home.

6 - "Live in Chicago" - Release Date: July 08, 2004
Cary recorded another amazing show at Schubas in Chicago on May 06, 2004. This CD features two brand new songs (including the Chris Tomlin collaboration, "All Around Me.") and a slow version of "Best Thing" & "Valencia". In Cary's own words, "I usually cringe when I hear myself live. I'm usually really critical - but I gotta say, this is the best live thing I've ever done." The sales of this CD were limited and no longer offered on The only way to obtain the CD and cover art for this album is through CD-R Trading; which can be found on my CD-R list or other traders online. The Tracklist:

Live in Chicago on 05/06/2004
  1. Best Thing
  2. Trials
  3. All Around Me
  4. Valencia
  5. Tower
  6. Fallen
  7. Sweet Ocean
  8. Time to Time
  9. Advent
  10. Vineyard
  11. Home
  12. Rain
  13. You're Mine Tonight
  14. Three Of Us In A Boat
  15. Get to Know Me Better
  16. Photograph (w/ Alex Woodard)
  17. Speed
  18. May The Road Rise To Meet You
Produced by Cary Pierce
Recorded live at Schuba's on May 6, 2004
Photographs by Raymond Garcia
Cover art Design by Ray @

Compilations & Misc. Releases

A - AWARE 6 Compilation - Release Date: October 6, 1998
Some new tunes from our old friends Cary Pierce (former lead singer of Jackopierce) and Webster Saltman (former lead singer of Farmer), as well as new friends Shawn Mullins, The Greyboy Allstars, Rustic Overtones, Mr. Henry, Bicycle, Noel Hartough, Owsley, Lackey, Ben Swift Band and Blake Morgan. The Tracklist:
AWARE 6 Compilation
  1. "Lullaby" by Shawn Mullins
  2. "Homecoming Song" by Owsley
  3. "For Another Time" by Noel Hartough
  4. "Gasoline" by Lackey
  5. "Feast or Famine" by Rustic Overtones
  6. "Tower" by Cary Pierce (of JACKOPIERCE)
  7. "Kissing Your Sister" by Blake Morgan
  8. "Turnips Big Move" by The Greyboy Allstars
  9. "All Fell Out" by Mr. Henry
  10. "Pop Song" by Bicycle
  11. "Hallelujah" by Webster Saltman
  12. "I Believe" by Ben Swift Band
  13. "Summer" by Noel Hartough
  14. "Gulf of Mexico" by Shawn Mullins
  15. "What Can I Say" by Lackey
  16. "Girl Germs" (live) by Rustic Overtones
  17. "Quickdraw" by Webster Saltman
  18. "Happy Friends (live)" by The Greyboy Allstar

B - merge 93.3 FM - Release Date: ??/??/2000
This was a PROMO CD issued by "merge 93.3 FM station in Dallas (now defunct). It only contains three songs, the first two from Cary's first album "You Are Here" and the last song is from "foreverything vol.1". The Tracklist:

merge 93.3 FM
  1. Home
  2. The Best Thing
  3. Time to Time

C - Bands for America - Release Date: November 13, 2001
In light of the tragic events that took place in New York and Washington, D.C. on September 11th, FreshTracksMusic quickly released the BANDS FOR AMERICA Compilation CD, with the proceeds from sales of the CD to be donated to the United Way and the Sept. 11th Fund. Featuring a stellar line-up of new bands from all corners of the country, the BANDS FOR AMERICA Compilation CD symbolizes the strength of the music community and its desire to unite with and give back to the people of America in this time of need (text from The Tracklist:

Bands for America
  1. "Mud Football" by Jack Johnson
  2. "Outside and Inside" by String Cheese Incident
  3. "Hold On True" by O.A.R.
  4. "Passerby" by Dispatch
  5. "Ain't Life For The Living" by Sonia Dada
  6. "I Believe In America" by Cary Pierce (of JACKOPIERCE)
  7. "Save Me" by Graham Colton Band
  8. "Luminiferous Ether" by Virginia Coalition
  9. "James Francis" by Domestic Problems
  10. "Go To A Show" by Strangefolk
  11. "Something Good" by King Konga
  12. "Dirty Shoes" by Lucky Town
  13. "Sad, Sad Song" by Pepper's Ghost
  14. "Movie Of The Week" by Smartbomb
  15. "Staring At The Sun" by The Booda Velvets
  16. "Wiseman" by Slightly Stoopid
  17. "On 9.11.01" by G. Love and Special Sauce

D - AWARE Greatest Hits CD - Release Date: October 29, 2002
Aware Greatest hits features rare and exclusive tracks from some of the bands that helped redefine popular music over the past nine years. These songs, originally featured on the Aware Compilations, spawned nearly a dozen Top-5 hits at AC, AAA, ALternative, Top-40, and Rock radio. This CD contains diffrent versions of songs featured by Train, The Verve Pipe, Cary Pierce,and The Gufs (text from This album features the popular "Vineyard" that Cary re-recorded in early 2002 with different lyrics. The Tracklist:

AWARE Greatest Hits
  1. "My Stupid Mouth" by John Mayer
  2. "3 AM" by Matchbox Twenty (Tabitha's Secret)
  3. "Good" by Better Than Ezra
  4. "Easy Tonight (Demo)" by Five For Fighting
  5. "Eleanor (featuring Dave Matthews)" by Shannon Worrell
  6. "The Man Who Would Be Santa" by Vertical Horizon
  7. "Meet Virginia (Acoustic)" by Train
  8. "Give Back Yourself" by The Gufs
  9. "Spoonful Of Sugar" by The Verve Pipe
  10. "Lullaby" by Shawn Mullins
  11. "Window" by Guster
  12. "Old Man And Me" by Hootie and the Blowfish
  13. "Vineyard" by Cary Pierce (of JACKOPIERCE)
  14. "Solitude" by Edwin McCain


a - "Tower" - Release Date: Unknown
CD single from AWARE featuring Cary's single "Tower" which was featured on the AWARE 6 Compilation. The Tracklist:
  1. Tower (4:03)

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