6/21/2010 - JACKOPIERCE is alive and well on FACEBOOK & YouTube (and so am I!). Recently on JP's Facebook page, Cary posted a video of JACKOPIERCE performing FORCES and GET TO KNOW ME BETTER in the studio (circa 1994). Check it out here: JB TV online. You can also check out JACKOPIERCE's YouTube channel; link is here: JP's YouTube channel
. 5/6/20110 - JACKOPIERCE is working on a new album; details are scare and more info will be coming soon. I also updated the tour vault for both Cary Pierce & JACKOPIERCE.
3/6/2010 - JACKOPIERCE is releasing another LIVE album: "Mile High- Live from Soiled Dove in Denver. You can order it here. Also updated the JACKOPIERCE Discography page with the tracks and info.
2/4/20110 - JACKOPIERCE is alive and well on FACEBOOK & YouTube (and so am I!). I fixed alot of broken links and made some minor changes on the site. If you haven't seen it yet ... I uploaded 2 new videos on YOUTUBE; check out the first 2 links in the Media section and enjoy these 2 old school JP videos (circa 1994).
2/2/2010 - Updated the JACKOPIERCE Song Meanings & Explanations Page Find the for new updates on the page Much more to come ...
2/1/2010 - Updated the JACKOPIERCE Discography Compilations & Misc. Releases AND Singles & EP's pages.
1/21/2010 - Just realized the other day that I've been making updates and changes to the website, but HAVE NOT updated this "blog post". Lots of new updates since 8/20/2009. Will post more later on here... stay tuned.

8/20/2009 - Updated both JACKOPIERCE tour dates and Cary Pierce tour dates.
6/09/2009 - Updated the JP Discography page and added new tour dates
5/10/2009 - JACKOPIERCE is (re)releasing the PROMISE OF SUMMER album, but as all acoustic version of POS with 2 outtakes and 2 classic JP tunes. The album is set to be released on 6/2/2009 and you can pre-order it here. I also updated the JP Discogrpahy page as well to reflect this.
3/27/2009 - BUNCH of new updates. I updated the STORE and Cary Pierce and JACKOPIERCE Tour pages.
2/26/2009 - JACKOPIERCE's website has been down for a couple of days. No worries. There is an issue in transferring the domain to new servers, and it should be resolved in the next couple of days we hope.
2/12/2009 - Looks like both Cary and JACKOPIERCE will be doing some touring this year. Updated NEW tour dates for both JACKOPIERCE and Cary Pierce.
1/28/2009 - JACKOPIERCE - Live at Park West Chicago 11.14.2008. A new live JACKOPIERCE bootleg show was uploaded on the ETREE Live Music Archive. Thanks to "Darktrain" for the music!
1/24/2009 - BLOG About JACKOPIERCE. Title says it all. I have no idea who maintains this website, but I love it. Pictures & Videos of JACKOPIERCE.
1/4/2009 - JACKOPIERCE PANDORA Radio ... for those of you who PANDORA.
1/1/2009 - Happy New Year! Here's a new and interesting article on JACKOPIERCE, and Cary gives a little more insight into the JACKOPIERCE breakup ... LINK.

12/23/2008 - Updated the F.A.Q. page and the FALLS-CHURCH NEWS PRESS article.

12/15/2008 - As of 12/2008, AWARE MUSIC is NO longer managing JACKOPIERCE! Cary's solo manager at Dryve Mgt. is taking over. Dryve Mgt. also manages artists such as Derek Webb (formally of the Christian band "Caedmon's Call"), Sandra McCracken (Derek's wife), Dave Barnes, and most notably Cary Pierce. Personally, I'm indifferent. I've always believed in AWARE Music, but we'll see where DRYVE takes JACKOPIERCE in time.

11/15/2008 - There's a really good article online about the early beginnings of JACKOPIERCE. So good in fact that it provides some early insights of Cary & Jack. I will be updating the F.A.Q. page shortly. Check it out SECOND TIME AROUND.
10/20/2008 - I added in the lyrics and tab for "Summer's Gone" song. YOu can find at again at the JACKOPIERCE Guitar Tabs and Lyrics Page.

10/9/2008 - I updated the JACKOPIERCE Discography page, added a few new shows on their JP Tour page, and finally added in lyrics to the newest track "Summer's Gone" to the JACKOPIERCE Guitar Tabs and Lyrics Page.

9/26/2008 - Added and updated ALOT of JACKOPIERCE guitar tabs ... JACKOPIERCE Guitar Tabs. MANY MUCHOS MANY MUCHOS thanks to Patrick Garrity for his help! Thanks Pat! You can find more info about Patrick at his myspace page - http://www.myspace.com/patrickgarrity. I also updated the design of the page so it looks a little "cleaner".

9/13/2008 - Here's a review of the album 'PROMISE OF SUMMER' with Jack & Cary commentary from GuideLive.com.

9/11/2008 - Sorry for the late notice ... BUT the highly anticipated JACKOPIERCE 'Promise of Summer' has been released!!!! You can buy the CD at BLUE COLLAR DISTRO or download it in mp3 format at iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, GroupieTunes, Amazon MP3, Lala, Shockhound, & Amie Street. If you download it from iTunes you'll also get an iTunes exclusive extra track "On Hold" off of the album.

8/29/2008 - Add in 2 more JACKOPIERCE Guitar Tabs for the new "Promise of Summer" album. Those tabs are EVERYTHING I'M NOT and TEXAS. Enjoy! IF you can do guitar tabs for any of the missing JACKOPIERCE or Cary Pierce songs, please email me! I'm always looking for help. Thanks.

8/22/2008 - Updated the Store items. Since the death of Awarestore.com, I added in Jack O'Neill's album "Halfway Round The World" from Amazon.com which can be downloaded in MP3 format. If you want the physical alubm itself it can be purchased the CDBaby in the future.

8/6/2008 - I'VE HEARD THE NEW ALBUM "PROMISE OF SUMMER" IN ITS ENTIRETY. GREAT CD and you should be excited!!!! I uploaded all of the lyrics to the new album on the JACKOPIERCE Lyrics & Guitar Tabs" page.

7/24/2008 - Updated the MEDIA page. JP released an official BIO prior to their highly anticipated release "Promise of Summer" album.

6/26/2008 - Updated several Cary Pierce Song Meanings & Explanations including "Vineyard", "Speed", "Six Page Letter" "I'm Not Ready", "Fallen" and "She's Gone, Move On".

6/19/2008 - Added the lyrics of "Promise of Summer", "I Gotta Know" & "Everything I'm Not" to the JACKOPIERCE Lyrics & Guitar Tabs page. Also the new JP live bootleg show '1.26.2008 Live at Park West Chicago, IL' can be found at the etree live music webpage.

6/18/2008 - Updated my "CDR List" page 2 some new concerts (DMB 2008-06-14 & JACKOPIERCE 2008-01-26) and new/better cover art for the Cary Pierce Bend Studio shows 2/24/2006 & 2/25/2006 shows.

6/17/2008 - Updated the JACKOPIERCE "Song Meanings & Explanations" page. Added info for "EVERYTHING I'M NOT" & "Free" songs.

6/16/2008 - MUCH needed and revamped website. Also New JACKOPIERCE album coming VERY SOON!!!

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