The Band(s) of JACKOPIERCE

Dedicated to former band members that have shared the stage with JACKOPIERCE.

Scott Churilla - Drums

It is known that Scott Churilla had a brief stint as the drummer for JACKOPIERCE, before Earl Darling, in the winter of 1995. Scott is now the drummer for Reverand Horton Heat

Earl "The Pearl" Darling - Drums

Tidbits. Known as the drummer for JACKOPIERCE from 1995-1997. Earl "The Pearl" Darling lives in Dallas, plays for several bands and various gigs in Texas, and has a little boy who is 7 years old. Earl's personal webpage can be found at:

Music. After the breakup in 1997, Clay teamed up with former-JACKOPIERCE members (minus Cary Pierce) and formed "American Horse". After "American Horse", Earl has played for several bands (and various gigs) in Texas. He's also played with Cary Pierce during Cary's early solo career in 2001. In 2005, Earl's project "FutureSoulSoundClash" (FSS) featured with Clay Pendergrass & Dave Burris;, as well as another reggae/dub group called Aton.

Clay Pendergrass - Bass

Known as the bassplayer for JACKOPIERCE from 1995-1997. Clay recorded and toured with David Garza off and on since 1989. He did join JACKOPIERCE for 2 years as the bass player, but after the breakup in 1997, Clay teamed up with former-JACKOPIERCE members (minus Cary Pierce) and formed "American Horse". After their short-lived music stint, the group went their seperate ways. Clay collaberated with several musicians and eventually formed his own group, clay&electronic cowboys.

Clay and the Electronic Cowboys. Clay formed the group with former JACKOPIERCE drummer Earl "The Pearl" Darling, former American Horse member Chris Claridy, Clay's brother Trey Pendergrass, David Burris, Michael "Scooter" Heath, Reed Easterwood, & RJ Harrison. This eclectic group's sound is where Texan country collides with a funky beat.

Music. Recently, a video for "Dubliner" off of the second album was directed by xAndy Smith; and the video can be found at XS Films. MP3's of Clay and the Electronic Cowboys music can be found at, and their CDs can be purchase through the AWARE Store.

Family. Perhaps Clay's greatest achievement is his baby girl, Isabella Sky (below) born in 2005. Clay's wife, Tori Webb Pendergrass, runs an art school in Dallas, TX called Pigment Arts.

Matt Scannel & Keith Kane - Guitar

Matt Scannel & Keith Kane make up the original members of Vertical Horizon. For years Matt & Keith toured with Jack & Cary both opening for JP & playing with with them on stage. For JACKOPIERCE'S reunion tour it was Vertical Horizon who backed them up as a band.

Ed Toth - Drummer

Ed Toth was the drummer for Vertical Horizon for many years, but in the spring of 2005 Ed took the job as the new drummer for the 70s funk group The Doobie Brothers.

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